Arcade Fun: Experience Gaming Bliss at Skinny Dogz!


Get ready to level up your fun at Skinny Dogz Arcade, where we’re bringing the best of gaming to Ogden, Utah. Whether you’re a retro game enthusiast or a fan of the latest arcade crazes, our arcade is your playground for endless entertainment.

Why Game at Skinny Dogz Arcade?

  • Epic Game Selection: Our arcade is packed with a variety of games – from classic favorites to the newest high-tech adventures.
  • Fun for All Ages: Gamers of all ages are welcome here! We’ve got something for everyone, from little kids to the young at heart.
  • Friendly Gaming Atmosphere: Our staff loves games just as much as you do and are always ready to share tips or challenge you to a friendly match.
  • More Than Just Gaming: Skinny Dogz Arcade is not just about high scores and winning; it’s a vibrant spot to hang out, laugh, and create memories.


40 credits
+4 bonus credits




80 credits
+16 bonus credits




200 credits
+48 bonus credits




400 credits
+128 bonus credits



Two individuals enjoying a game of pinball in an arcade.

Your Gaming Adventure Awaits

At Skinny Dogz Arcade, a thrilling gaming adventure awaits you at every turn. If you’re organizing a party or special event, consider adding a unique twist with our arcade gaming options. It’s an excellent choice for birthday celebrations, team outings, and more, ensuring your event stands out as a memorable and fun experience. 

But at Skinny Dogz Arcade, it’s not just about the games. We understand that gaming can work up an appetite, so we’ve got you covered with a variety of refreshments and snacks. These tasty options are perfect for recharging your energy, ensuring you’re ready to jump back into the gaming action with full vigor. Whether you’re playing, partying, or just hanging out, Skinny Dogz Arcade offers a complete experience that combines fun, food, and the excitement of gaming.

Ready, Set, Game!

Visit us at Skinny Dogz in Ogden and dive into a world of fun and games. For more information or event bookings, give us a shout at 801-627-4386

Step into Skinny Dogz Arcade, where every game is an adventure, and every visit is a new high score waiting to happen!

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